Liz and John are the owners of Stonewood Homes Rodney with a showroom at 2 Baxter Street, Warkworth.

Stonewood Homes has around 400 plans that provide inspiration. All are architecturally designed and are custom made to suit the site and clients’ desires.

People can come in and we can sit down with them and using our software called HOMEi we can create their dream, bespoke home with many changes able to be made in front of their eyes in real time, explains Liz. HOMEi means they can see changes made, not just in a plan view, but in a full interactive 3D render of their customised home. It also quickly allows them to understand how changes will impact the price to ensure concept designs remain within their budget as they try out design features for their home. It’s a real hands-on experience and the client is really closely involved. It makes it an exciting process for our clients. There is no one size fits all home, so this interactive system allows people to design a home that perfectly suits their needs.


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